..how things have moved on since the days of my ZX Spectrum! Computers accurately predicting the results of vast pieces of litigation?!

Litigation funding has really taken off in the UK and you can understand why the model of sharing the risk and reward really works. Give the funders another edge and it could really "turbocharge" the funding market.

Of course there has been so much written about AI being a disrupter to the legal profession but if it can assist in predicting the outcome of large pieces of litigation, which in turn brings the funders on board, then this is one area where AI could lead to more work for the lawyers - lawyers and machines in perfect harmony!

It will of course be interesting to see how far this goes over time. Casinos have slim advantages but enough to make them pots of cash. Will AI get to a point where it tips the odds?.. and would that in turn lead to more early settlements?... will the smart money be on the best AI rather than the best lawyers?

..as the article points out, we have some way to go....but it's certainly food for thought....