Another big merger, this time between BLP and Bryan Cave and it will be an interesting one one to watch.

With large law firm mergers to date having seen varying degrees of success, deep integration of the businesses and cultural focus and compatibility will be key if this transaction is to truly achieve its goals.

So many firms don’t manage to fully integrate – years later, it still being about them and us in the corridors - and ultimately not enough time and resource being spent on creating an environment where culture is kingpin – yet it's key to adding the value to which everyone aspires.  

A Forbes article I read sums it up nicely: 

"When you merge cultures well, value is created. When you don’t, value is destroyed. While some will suggest other factors – silly things like objectives and strategies and implementation – they are all derivative. The game is won or lost on the field of cultural integration. Get that wrong and nothing else matters.”

With BLP and Bryan Cave, Co-Chair Lisa Mayhew has already set out the stall with a focus on diversity and rewarding what are deemed good behaviours - the rhetoric is different and so far looks rather promising...